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Commercial Lighting

Elite Renovations Design & Build is a leading independent solution provider of commercial lighting in Toronto Canada. We are working with our clients directly to address the supply and Commercial Lighting Installation in Toronto, Markhaminstall of any lighting requirements, lighting design, energy retrofit solutions with an emphasis on strong lighting credentials and experience. We establish long-term relationships by providing personalized lighting solutions in Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Oakville and beyond. We have integrated our expertise, lighting inventory and design capabilities for your maximum advantage.

Reducing Energy Consumption:

Our Commercial Lighting Products in Greater Toronto can reduce energy consumption and support sustainability initiatives. As part of our commitment, we offer many lighting solutions in Toronto to help you reduce your energy consumption which in turn lowers your overhead costs for lighting and even air conditioning by reducing the amount of heat that is output by your lighting.

Commercial Lighting in GTA:

Replacing old fluorescent lights to new LED fixtures is the perfect solution to saving energy in the commercial office space. Almost three-quarters of energy bills come directly from the lighting system. We can reduce your annual expenditure by up to 80 per cent.

ADDED VALUE: We enhance your relationships with your hydro supplier, administer your Hydro Rebates and calculate your entire energy footprint - inclusive of savings.

Retail Lighting in Greater Toronto:

LED fixtures enhance the visibility and appeal of products in retail environments. Reducing glare and eliminating hotspots create a better shopping experience for the customer. Increased energy savings and decreased maintenance costs provide immediate savings in operating costs to retailers.

Commercial and Retail LED Lighting design and Installations in Greater Toronto.

Our Lighting Specialties:

Retail Lighting
Property Management Lighting
Industrial Lighting
Energy Savings Lighting
Lighting Incentive Rebates Ontario

We offer guidance to retail, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers that install energy efficient lighting in renovation and new construction projects.

Reduced energy costs
Long life lamps with less maintenance
Lower energy consumption
Smaller carbon footprint
Recyclable lamps for less landfill
State-of-the-art lighting controls


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